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Prayer Request to GOD Favor in Truck Driving

by Bro. Jerome Pierce

To Brothers & Sisters –in Christ

Prayer of Agreement is that when I’d go to Swift Transportation to Drive Tractor-Trailers over the road Long Haul on October that 1st I’d pass the DOT physical test in flying colors strength test, blood pressure test, eye test & hearing test.

2nd GOD will give me the talent to drive the tractor-trailer right in making wide right & wide left turns correctly each & every time on the road, back ups that is backing up the tractor trailer up to the dock of the warehouse on every load & unloading each & every day.

3rd to do the logbooks to fill them out correctly every time.

4th I’d get a GOD sent Trainer from Swift CO. to train me the Correct way of doing all this I’d just mention plus have the attitude to teach in a loving understanding way to prepare me to pass my final test ride after I’d do 6 weeks with a trainer. A final test at the terminal then they will give me a truck to drive my self Lord willing if I live work for Swift till I’d retired there.

Bro. Jerome Pierce

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