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Prayer Request to get Pregnant

by Leilani Asami
(Naganoken, Japan)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please pray for me (a filipina) and my japanese husband because we are married for 6 years already but then still cannot conceive.
We're always been blessed with good jobs and we have no financial problems and we are very happy with our everyday lives.
But we know that our family will be more complete if we will have a baby of our own.
Please pray for us.. we have been waiting for this miracle to come in our lives.
Me and my husband sometimes feels hopeless and we almost want to give up and accept the fact that we can't have a baby.
But still I believe that life goes on and I must not lose faith and keep on believing that God will answer our prayers.
Please help us to pray because we need also other's support aside from our relatives.
I believe that God will not let us wait for nothing and I believe that God won't fail us.
Please help us.. please pray for us to conceive and to have a healthy baby.
Thank you very much and God bless you all too.

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