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Prayer Request to Get Love in Return

by Gerardo Laguna
(San Diego, California, USA)

I pray to the lord to help me get a girl that i really like and i really feel something special for. I dont want her for the sex or the desire. I wanna be hers and respect her for who she is . She knows i like her, she says she feels the same way for me but she doesnt show it to me. Lord im depressed i want her to like me. Please God help me i ask with all my heart to help me get this girl that i really like. I promise i will respect her and show her all my true love, but please help her understand im a good person im not what she's into. Help her change i feel that you can help me god. Forgive me for ever rejecting a girl, i never meant to reject you know its because of lack of expierence. Help her understand that i like her i know that someday you will let her be my girl friend, perhaps my wife but right now i got to move on happily. Lord I wanna chnage i wanna be closer to you and i want you to get into my life, i promise to chnage and respect others and to be a good hearted hate-free with everyone as long as you help me god please Thanks God Amen. I love you Lord

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Sep 04, 2011
help him to commit or help me to let go
by: jodie

i met matt elvin last november and i slowly fell for him, he then started acting a little distant and he said he was scared of commitment, didnt want to hurt me etc... he kept coming to see me over the last 9 months but he still didnt commit, i feel in my heart we are meant to be together but it just doesnt seem to be happening, he says i am too angry as a person (due to past hurt) i dont know what to do, im ready to let him go and to cut contact and move on but i love him and have never felt this way about anyone before, i am 26 . please either help me to move on from him, or if we truely are meant to be please pray that we become close again and all the negitive energy around us is removed and restored and pray for healing my heart and alow devine love into my lfe, i am very lonely and depressed and i feel tired and sick. please help matt to open up to me and pray that we are able to enjoy a loving happy relationship, if we are not mean to be togteher i pray he one day meets the love of his life that will love hi as much as i would of, thanks xxx

May 08, 2011
by: Rex

Shikha, i love u yar

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