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Prayer Request - This is Important to Me

by Don

pride and perseverance got me through life this far. however, these important traits have got me in trouble. i work for a co. and was sent to complete testing and did not pass. as a result the co. ask me to leave my job and if i left they would only require money back for my training. i'm still there one year later and the bills add up. i was told to give them back my apprenticeship and they would let me go no question ask. this was a year ago. now, time for school and i was told that there waiting for me. if i loss this i don't know what i'll do. i was told the co. is mad at me and now if i don;t pass the apprenticeship will be mad as will. the co. will turn around and sue me. i also was told if i pass this year the old boss would be at my doorstep thoughout my life. meaning the minute i find a job they keep me from working. i was told not to be concerned the old boss will not take me to court but will settle out of court. i am worried i will lose everything. people are saying i am stupid for betting everything. if i would have left one year ago would have owed 20000 mostly, if this happens. i don't think i can live with myself. i know a lot of this is true so i'll do what i can in school. if i get kicked out or fall down the stares i guess I'll cross that bridge. anyway sorry for the long note. i would appreciate prays for me to be strong while i'm in school. also, prays for this part of my life to turn out will with everything in tact. thank you very much for your support.

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