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Prayer Request - I am Going Through a very Difficult Time

by Ken

I am going through a very difficult time in my life at present. It is affecting my whole family. My sisters are trying to sell the family home where I live with my family. I can't go anywhere else because it is my home and I have can't afford anywhere else. At present it is in the courts. Please pray that we can resolve this matter without going to court.Also there is something very important that i do not want the courts to find out.Please pray that God can do a miracle and resolve this serious matter. I have depression and many other medical conditions. I know my God can do miracles. I am begging please pray for me and my family to take me out of this dark hour of my life. My God is the God of Grace and mercy.Please Lord Please Lord help me i am going very painfully time,i am confused and in a state of deep depression.I am begging Jesus to rescue me and my family.I confess that i am a sinner and ask Jesus to forgive my ugly sinners.The pain Lord is to much for me to handle please help me.
God bless you.

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