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Comments for Prayer Request - I am Going Through a very Difficult Time

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Dec 25, 2008
Do your best
by: Kat

Dearest Ken

I am so sorry to hear of your present circumstances. As difficult as this may be to do, do your best to allow everything to be as it is, without fighting with the 'darkness'. It is fighting with reality or with 'what is' that causes 99% of our suffering. You seem to be dealing with a great deal of uncertainty right now and that can bring up so much fear and panic in us and I can well understand that. Again do your best to allow the fear to be there and pray in your heart for God to show you the way. Do your best to keep on trusting that you ARE being led eventhough you cannot see as yet how or in which direction you are going in. Do your best to forgive and accept yourself and others exactly for who they are. This is a difficult one, I know. Trust that everything is in Divine Order and that you are not abandonned here. Do your best to stay in your heart without allowing your head to take hold and fill you with negativity towards yourself, others and life itself. I know how difficult it is to trust when the situation you are dealing with feels overwhelming. Yet this is precisely what is called for. Trust and surrender that things will turn out not only for your higher good but for the good of others. Be at peace my friend and do not buy into fear...ever ....

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