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Prayer Request for Vincent N Michelle


Again, I ask for your prayers. I should have told you, that when I was married to the ex 85-2002, in 87, our first child was killed in an auto accident, and that is why I was so so careful with Ashley who was born in 91. In 95 when Ashley was 4 1/2, the neighbor next door had nothing better to do (his sons) than detonate a 3 kg pipe bomb. That’s about 6 1/2 pounds of gunpowder. I had worked with explosives when I was in the armed forces and knew the moment I heard the explosion that it was an explosive device. Oh, how I thought my daughter Ashley had perished in this. I was immediately going inside from trimming the bushes outside and Ashley was hysterical. Police came thru the house, and she could not stop screaming and crying. She wasn't physically hurt from the explosion, but was severely traumatized and had to go thru therapy for years. Other than Eileen (my ex) and myself, Ashley didn’t talk to anyone for years.

What has brought these false allegations is that the ex saw me with my new Christian wife Michelle, and went ballistic. She said, I will get you for this; you will never have this woman.

I perhaps made mistakes in the marriage, but filed for divorce when there was no hope of stopping her excess spending, as she got me 75k into debt on credit cards. I don't hate Eileen, but she has to learn to stop fraud. I have "debt" of almost 200k on fraud credit cards where my signature was forged. And now.......the allegation which is nothing more than to keep me away forever from Ashley.

Both of them need help and prayers and I forgive them for this falsehood. The ex even got a restraining order and tried to put our church on it, but the judge, god bless him crossed that out. The pastor of our church at my request sent me a letter that neither the ex nor Ashley goes to church anymore, and both of them lied on the order saying that they did.

This is nothing more than to file another lawsuit against me. Suing is easier than working. I ask for prayers, powerful ones that these false allegations will be dismissed prior to trial. Keep me in your prayers please. In Christ’s name.

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