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Prayer Request for Varshin Heart Surgery On 10-11th Sept

by Jennifer- Varshin's Mother
(India- Miumbai )



Prayer request for my 19 month old son , Varshin who is undergoing heart surgery on 10-11th sept.

asking for his prayers for his pretests to be normal before surgery and minimal pain possible - surgery to be smooth and successful
fast recovery and his adaptability to new environment and food as we will be in another state at Kochi

Comments for Prayer Request for Varshin Heart Surgery On 10-11th Sept

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Aug 31, 2008
Payer Request for Varshin Heart Surgery On 10-11th Sept
by: Anonymous

May your son be blessed with divine love..divine light and divine power

May his get lords blessing before and after the surgery...

May he live happily in the blessing of god thereafter always thank god for his love and blessing...

With love and ligh

Aug 31, 2008
Surgery for Varshin
by: Deb

My prayers for your sweet light.....wisdom for the surgeon...God's peace surround you and your family...healing for your highest good...and may you know how much you are loved and adored...surgery if necessary with ease and grace....much love.

Sep 01, 2008
Varshin surgery
by: Devendra Kumar Joshi

Dear Jennifer,
I am very sure that your son who is to undergo heart surgery on 10 - 11 sept. at hospital,will be normal, perfect, O.K. and fully fit to perform all his routine life till end. God will be always with such needy and clear hearted people. I as spiritual healer will try to pray and request the God for Varshin's good health and success in operation.
God bless to all.
Truely yours
Devendra Kumar Joshi

Sep 09, 2008
An Update from Varshin's Mom
by: Mashubi

Dear all lightworkers

The heart surgery is scheduled for today, 9th of sept at 2pm - 1st time, request healing for Varshin , my 20 month old baby boy, who is undergoing a complicated heart surgery . Please pray for him and healing too. Will be on ventilator for next three days after surgery , completely knocked off.

Also that there is no complications like infection after surgery. Also his blood seems to clot, so that there are no problems on that.

His veins are not easily found so have a hard time with the blood tests. The blood tests seems to be normal but his blood seems to clot. Docs are not able to pinpoint the reason.

Also has cough and some breathing noise .

Varshin is absolutely frightened as he was pricked 8 times and yet the blood tests is still on hold .

God bless

Jennifer N Berjis Gilder

Sep 10, 2008
Varshin will be O.K. and fit
by: Devendra Kumar Joshi

Dear Jennifer,
It is true that 20 month child may have some complications during surgery,but beleive in God the supreme power. He has given birth to a child and it is now up to him for his survival. I am praying regularly to God for the smooth and successful operations and his quick and up to mark recovery. These 3-4 days are very crucial but have faith in God.God is so kind and he will certainly look after the Varshin health. You please think of positive and favourable outcome of the surgery.
God bless you and your son.
Truely yours
Devendra Kumar Joshi
Spiritual healor

Sep 11, 2008
Update and thank you from Varshin's Mom
by: Mashubi

hi to all

varshin is fine, the surgery was successful. thanks to all your prayers and healing.
the operation is an absolute miracle. doctors scared us saying that it was very complicated once they opened his heart and that they will have to put in a tube in side which is very expensive which will be required to be changed every 6-8 years.

by god graces and the prayers and healings of one and all he underwent the surgery well without any complications and without any tube inserted.

in his heart are made well and is doing good.

healings on the count of his cold, cough and striders, which might prolong his ventilator staying on him much more than he should.
is conscious and looking about , to search probably to see where his parents have run off to leaving him here. we feel also the same but it is for his own betterment.

varshin is now in the icu in ventilator but doing extremely good.. may remove the ventilator by to nite. doctors are anticipating strider sounds made by his breathing once they remove the ventilator but god willing and with all healing coming in , that may not happen due to healings coming his way.

request healings on that area since he has history of striders.

thank you to all who sent him healings and are still doing it

love to all


Sep 11, 2008
Blessings for Varshin
by: Devendra Kumar Joshi

Dear Jennifer,
It was expected,because of your faith and genuine love attachment with your lovely child. Doctors were successful in their operation.All credits goes to them.Please convey my best thanks to the doctors. Varshin has to overcome with all types of hurdles and he will fit,fine and natural child in the comming days. I as a spiritual healor only can prey to God but It is very true that God always helps and look after their people.He will be always kind and keen for Varshin.
I am preying regularly for the Varshin and continue to do the same in the future. So you please be relaxed and look after Varshin as he need your attachment and love at this stage.
God bless you all.
Truely yours
Devendra Kumar Joshi
spiritual healor

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