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Prayer Request for Tom

by Tom Kennedy
(Southportland ME U.S.A.. )

please pray for my shoulder on the right side to heal , and my entire right side of my body as well . The pain is mostly along my right shoulder blade and in my neck , as well as my lower spine along my hip area .
I also really need prayer for protection from the dark energies as I live in an environment that has a lot of it around .
I am 3 years sober and right now I am sort of alone , and could use help . p.s. I need a better set of uilleann bagpipes that I can play here where I live . I also need a easy job , since I am on ssdi , and I need to have a stronger sense of where I need to move as I don't enjoy maine and am wanting to move to cape cod while still on ssdi . I also need to have a better more peaceful relationship with my children .
I have some material needs as well .
I have to have some prayers for the bad energies to quit it and stop giving me more and more problems since it is could potentially effect others and this situation goes against universal laws of non interference . Please ask the bad energies to leave .
Thank you .
tom .

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