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Prayer Request for Miscommunication and Misunderstanding

by Kimberly

I need very strong and powerful prayers specifically for Phillip and Kim.
I have found out that the reason our relationship ended has been based a lot on him misunderstanding things, miscommunication, and him being so influenced by the envinronment he was in the he created things that he thought I did and pushed me away because of it. He will not contact me, is ingoring my calls and I have made it worse by continuing to call to try to work this miscommunication and misunderstandings out, but he will not answer or listen to me. By calling as much as I have out of desperation to resolve this, I have made it worse, made him angry, and annoyed him to the point he doesn't want any trace of me around. I was only trying to help this out of love for him.
I need powerful intercession as ONLY God can help this. I need God to give him a clear mind - free of hurt, anger, annoyance, influence, pressure, etc... I need God to break through to him to let him realize he's made a mistake with me. I need go to work a miracle through his head and his heart and bring him back down to earth from this ego trip and attitude.
I ask God to be with him every second and surround him with angels and allow him to see clearly and soften his emotions and heart towards me. I have promised God that I will not contact Phillip. I will not try to take it into my own hands with restoring communication.
Please plead with God that this situation is healed and Phillip will come knocking. Pray for miracles.

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