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Prayer Request for Marriage Restoration

by Isika Del Rio
(Katy )

My name is Isika and my husband's name is Erik. I love him with all my heart. I didn't think so for a while, until after he left and I when I turned to the Lord, I knew what I had lost. Right now he is lost, in the arms of another woman. I am hurt. Our two children are hurt because he will make up excuses to be with the OW when he has told our children that he will visit. I am confused. He has told me so many times that he wanted to come home, but then come to find out, he had this other life all along. I believe in the Lord, but today is a battle for me. I am so hurt because he told my son that he will visit, but he hasn't called. I am trouble having with my children, mentally and physically. My son is getting sick a whole lot and both he and my daughter have a lot of anger in him. I can't talk to my husband, because he states that I use the kids a lot for his attention and that is not true. I am so hurt. I need prayer for strength and guidance. Please pray for me.

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