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Prayer Request for Marriage Restoration

by Pauline

Ian & Pauline
Please pray that God will restore and mend all the broken pieces in our marriage. Renew strengthen the love in my husbands heart. May the person who has come to destroy our marriage be cased away in Jesus name. For what god has put together let no one put asunder. Please God give me back my husband and save our marriage. Amen

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Aug 10, 2008
restoration of love and marriage
by: william austin

lord i come to you for restoration of my marriage to lisa. lord open her heart to you and me . that she will see that our marriage is worth saving. that she will find the love for me inside her self. that you will soften her heart. that she will have a desire to come home and work on this marriage. that she will look to you for her answers. lord give me never ending peace to endure this trial. that the strom cloud are departing soon and the sun will shine through this darkness. lord i look to you for my hope and answers . father i stand true on your word , i know it will not return void. your faithfull servant, billy thank you for all that i am and all i have in jesus holy name , billy

Aug 22, 2008
restoration of my marriage
by: Danny & Olga

i would like to request prayer for the restoration of our marriage. i pray that who every wants to destory our marriage be put to shame by our heavenly father. we serve a living God and i know that his will is done. in Jesus name

Sep 15, 2008
also praying
by: yolanda williams

I pray that your marriage is restored in the name of Jesus .I am joining in prayer for you .

May 10, 2011
restoration for the marriage of Peter and Maria Petruic
by: Anonymous

fATHER HELP ME TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE.Father, My husband and I need your help. I was angry on how he treated me today and I ask that you will intervene between AJ, Peter and I and cause Peter not to be angry at me about AJ.
Father save my marriage. Give my husband Peter divine wisdom about what is best for the marriage and know you as our savior. come and be in our midst and heal our wounds and remove our anger between each other. father i also ask for
the 100 thousand dollars emergency money for me to restore my marriage in Jesus name mp

Jul 14, 2011
Prayers needed. Husband left his home.
by: Tiffany

Please pray for my family. My husband left us. I am certain that there has been no infidelity acts at all. There has been a lack of intimacy and we have just fallen apart. I love him. Im ready to change and I want another chance. Please Father, bring my husband to his senses and return him back home to us. Amen.

Jul 14, 2011
Urgent Prayer request to save and restore my marriage
by: Carrie RL

Please pray for my husband, that God will put it on his heart to stop wanting the woman he met while deployed to Columbia. Please heal his heart from all the battle wounds that have plegued him with guilt due to the loss of his team mates while at war. Please return him home to me with the love he had prior to meeting this woman. God, Please put it on her heart to send him home back to me as well. I know you dont make mistakes. I know you sent him to me as he is the love of my life and my soul mate. Please heal my heart so I can give him 100% trust again. Please return him home so we can be the loving supportive family you intended us to be.

I ask this in your name, Amen

Dec 13, 2011
Marriage Restoration
by: JW

My husband wants a divorce. I�m committed to my marriage and love my husband, heart and soul. We�ve been together for over 10 yrs and have an 8 yr old daughter. I know he is having an emotional affair (praying that it hasn't gone beyond that point) with a co-worker. He has also surrounded himself with people who enable him to make poor life choices. He has rejected Godly counsel and rejects the Godly men in his life. He�s told me he doesn�t feel connected to me anymore; that there is no fire, however he won�t allow us to really try either which tears at my heart.

I pray numerous times a day that God will open his eyes and heart to the possibility of reconciliation and restoration (or I should say re-creation) of our marriage. I pray for the souls of his friend(s) that have gone astray and are helping my husband to make poor and self-centered choices. I pray that those coworkers/friends find their own path to God (hopefully not the same path my family is on) and find their way home. I am speaking with my pastor often and my daughter and I are attending church and bible study regularly.

I feel God has pressed upon me to bring him back to God, only in the right way this time, and in turn my husband will eventually find his way back to me and our daughter. I have been reading the bible, love and respect books, working the Love Dare and I am actively practicing what I have come to learn; to give him the unconditional respect and love he needs from me (even when he doesn�t act appropriately, it is his right not something he has to earn). I have apologized directly to him for all of my misgivings and sins against him. I hope and pray in time while we are taking things slowly (going through our things, fixing up our house to put it up for sale and becoming financially more stable by getting rid of unnecessary debt) that we will reconnect during this time and rebuild our marriage as it should be, under God�s guidance and authority. I�m trusting that God will see I�m trying to be the wife he wants me to be. I am honoring my covenant with God and my husband. I am trying to walk along side Christ and be more Christ like and raising my daughter that way. I pray that God will help open my husband�s eyes and ears, speak to him directly and show him the way back home. Please pray: for our marriage to be restored and recreated in the way God wants for it to be; for my husband to hear and feel God�s love in his thoughts and dreams; to bring peace to his soul to help heal his heart and soul; and to rebuild a strong Christian-based foundation for our marriage rooted in God, love and respect. Thank you.

Jan 12, 2012
Pleade pray for Them
by: Anonymous

Please pray for the restoration of G&R"s mariage. Thanks.

Feb 15, 2012
Restoration of Marriage
by: Doods

Lord Jesus Christ...please help us (Arnold and Lisette Mosteiro)that our marriage be saved and that we be reconciled under Your blessings and guidance..Please allow us to forgive and forget past differences and quarrels and that our relationship prosper and flourish with the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of our lives..Thank you

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