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Prayer Request for Love and Finance

(St. Louis, MO. US)

I've lost my job and need God's favor for my financial needs that they will be met beyond what i can even imagine and that bj and i will become more connected and love deeper than we ever thought possible and we will be at ease with each other knowing that together is where we belong and i will say and do all the right things to bring her all the happiness she deserves so that when she thinks of me she will feel the warmth of my love all around her and i will be the reason for the smile on her face and her heart and she will be able to see and feel the special gift we have been given of each other and be able to open her heart mind and soul up to us and she will feel safe with me knowing that i will protect and cherish her heart and her love that she is giving me and know that i will always be here for her and never let her down and we will share all our secrets and dreams and just enjoy every minute we have together as a gift that will only leave us wanting more of each other and know that nothing and no one can come between us and our special love. Bj is a gift in my life as i am a gift in bj's life that i am so gratful for

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