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Prayer Request for Him

by Kimberly

Pray that Phillip moves past the anger, hurt, and fear of anything he's created in his mind in our relationship. He pushed me away because of it and still has not returned my phone calls of pouring my heart out to him. His best friend finally answered for me and said Phillip felt we were too serious too fast and it scared him basically. And then he was hurt and angry over me going to dinner with someone who wanted me take me out and be nice - even though Phillip said to "live my life". But that guy was nothing to me and not Phillip, who I love. Please pray God divinely intervenes and moves Phillip's heart, mind, and soul to pick up that phone and call me. I believe we are meant to be and are soul mates. He is young and got badly influenced, and scared and there was nothing actually wrong between us and either of us did anything wrong. Please pray God shows him that there is nothing fearful with being with me and that I support him and will love him through anything. Please pray he restores communication with me and makes that move and that I will soon by on a plane flying to Washington to be with him again. I love him and miss him more than anything in this world and I have done all I possibly can do. I believe his best friend picking up the phone for me was God helping because he was ignoring me too. Please pray God does this for Phillip too. That he'll show me what to do, what to say, and when to do it and say it.

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