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Prayer Request for Health, Wealth, Full time Employment, Freedom


God created miracles jobs, homes, life, and health
Wealth, retroactive own business, peace, freedom
Good news, favor, II king’s 4:2 psalms 5:12
Bernard sr give heart desires, jobs, freedom,
Own business, corrected all the problems
In jail right, bring out jail favor with judge, attorney,
Alonzo Jr& Akil, Patrick sends right wife, full time employment
Own business Records company millionaires music, cds
Talents& gifts, wealth, billionaires, success
Alicia sends right husband, back pay child support
Money, wealth, health, cars, give own model company
Marie needs some work caregiver, companion, and nurse
Financial aid approved for school, back pay
Rosa, Anna, Tim, Katrina, Lela, hunter miller millionaires
Family members. Thank you Thank you Jesus answered prayer

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