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Prayer Request for Eric

by Eric
(McAllen, TX, US)

hi...i'm not sure what is wrong with me, but this has been going on for about 4 months...my symptoms are: panic disorders, lots of fatigue, lightheaded, dizzy, depression, anxiety, fear of being human, nausea, and a few more...doctors have told me it is severe stress...i don't know, but for four months i have been on medication and i cant seem to get out of it. I lost the chance to continue going to college, my apt, my job, my girlfriend, all that i was aiming for the future. Life turned on me in a split second. Above all, I don't talk to God anymore...I need to restore my friendship with this powerful man and put myself back together physically. I have told God recently, "God, if you're going to keep me like this forever then let it be. But at least help me to deal with it until the day i die. " I cant even work; my strength diminishes with the smallest effort i put in and i get very lightheaded. It's like if someone cursed me. I need help. I even lost hope in prayer. I need it all back. Thanks a bunch

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