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Prayer Request for Blessing to Pass Truck Driving Tests

To all Brothers & Sisters in Christ

HI! My name is Jerome Pierce a Born again Christian yesterday someone try to tell me I’d will fail my DOT Physical Truck Driving tests next month in October 20th at Swift Transportation Company for Employment to drive tractor-trailer Trucks over the road long hauled, Also that I’d will not be able to drive trucks across country USA cause I’m to old 55 years old now &I’ve been out of driving tractor trailer for a year now& just only had 2/half months of school training at C.R England in the 1st place. Well I’d refuse to believe that lie. AS bro Brother Jerry Savelle says don’t give up & be led by the Holy Spirit of GOD& Stand on GOD Holy Words & have faith that GOD see me through this & I’m already destined to pass every thing & be a Spirit-filled professional tractor –trailer OTR truck for Glory& testimony of GOD’s goodness to His Children.


TO any bro.& sis-in-Christ

Prayer requests that I’d get the right mentor tractor-trailer driver trainer for me when I’d go on 6 weeks training course at Swift next month in October. He or She will have patience & teach me the correct way of being a professional truck driver.

Brother Jerome Pierce
Brother Jerome

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