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Prayer Request - Financial Problems

by Linda Leung
(Antioch, CA, USA)

Please pray that god will bless me with more than enough money to pay off all my credit cards and pay off the mortgage on my home in 2-4 months. Please pray that god will bless me with a big jackpot winning in super lotto or mega millions lottery or something similar to fulfill my request.

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Jul 31, 2008
Financial Problems
by: Anonymous

Please help me pray for my financial problems. tickets that have send to me because one i did not pay it was for $55.00 i had to pay 130.00 yesterday i received one from a near by city this friend of mine told she had paid it back in 2001 and it happened that she did not. well, now its going to cost me 160.00. i help my mom my sons my daughter and i just can not make ends meet. please help in paying my debts, help me to find a part time job. so i can make ends meet.

Aug 15, 2008
financial problems too
by: Anonymous

please help to pray for all of my debts and help my family too,especially my momm so we could pay all of our debts.my father is an amputee right now and of course jobless.we are three diabetics in the family and i really want strength so i could fulfill my duties as a daughter.please pray for us because we really need it.thank you very much.

Sep 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

I will for you and for all your problems and I am sure tht Jesus will help you. Just keep faith he is with and what you are facing.

Jun 25, 2010
I really want a financial blessing
by: Moira Morris

I don't have really big problems. I am happy for everything that God has provided so far and will still do.I only want a blessing for a house for my kids and the Lord to fill the emptiness.I want him also to help my boyfriend Jo Jo to be a honest person and that he must appreciate everything good in life.To be also succesful.

Jan 18, 2011
financial problems
by: Anonymous

Pl pray for me that god will bless me to pay all my loan nearly 2LAKH BEFORE 3 1 st january with gods blessing .thanks

May 26, 2011
this is from me father maria petruic
by: Anonymous

Father it has been a while since my husband is retired from his job and he is so happy and free from all worries and troubles at work. Father i am always have to confront anger and terrible actions from work. I pray lord that you will grant me the financial blessings i need so i can join my husband in retirement. I have worked 3 jobs and have helped my family of 12 members and i am tired and worn out. I pray that you will reconsider this prayer request in Jesus name i pray mp

Jun 20, 2011
Pray God to bless Ethiopian
by: shimeles

Hello, please pray to God to bless Ethiopia. We pass in a difficult way. There many problem like food, sheld etc. I strongly blieve my God hear ur pray. If i write my problem its too much large but if ethiopia blessed my problem is solve. Rm christian is living belongs to other. I realy realy worry our country always need others hand to do something. Please please seem this problem like ur.
God bless u!!
I love u!!
Jesus is lord !!
Thank u!

Oct 07, 2011
Financial needs!!!
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me to be debt free.I need to pay my bills, my loan and mortgage.Pray for my familys guidance and protection.
Please pray also for my sons and son in law to find a better job.Thank you,

Mar 13, 2012
financial problems NEW
by: linda

good mornin. in jesus name. please pray for me to settle my debts and due dates of payments. please help me to pray. im afraid, someone was running for me and harm me to pay asap before this week end. And, please pray for my transactions of selling the properties. im afraid my deal will not finalize due to the terms and condition of the seller. please, touch the seller and pray for him to enlightem hes mind and be patient to wait for my buyer mr. ng and seller mr. rico.please pray for them both the seller and the buyer to finalize before this week end. thank you. please pray for me also to not to worry im tired. and please pray for me that my cousin will lend me money please pray for her (helen and son bobby) to understand my situation. thank you

Apr 06, 2012
money problems NEW
by: Anonymous

At the moment i am waiting for my old loan to be settled by an organization who deals with people who are being blacklisted and due to that i had to borrow money from elsewhere. i am requesting for prayer to end the burden of debts so that i could pay back to all the people i have owed. Please i am begging for help before the end of this month because i did myself some praying asking for forgiveness and promised to go back the right path of life and never to owe others especially money but so far nothing happen

Jul 01, 2012
Lottery Prayer/Financial Problems NEW
by: Virlonza Brown

Dear lord thy God jesus christ. in this lifetime and my precious time.i would like to win Mega Millions from the galottery.
i am very much a loser,never a winner in the galottery.

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