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Prayer of the Heart

by Naomi

I walk into a deep valley
through a maze of crossing paths,
in the midst of all the voices of the world,
hearing the cries of the people.
I enter into the darkness of those who are lost,
and I feel the emptiness and the fear.
I am surrounded by their feeling of despair.
The Spirit of Love guides me
into this place of shadows.
I walk into captivity, into limitation.
I wear no armor, carry no weapon,
only the Light of a higher countenance
deep within my heart guides my way.
I reach out to searching hands,
and I hold them in my own,
wanting to kiss the wounds away.
I look into eyes that cannot yet see,
and I pray for Love to open them.
My tears flood this barren place
where nothing grows.
I pray that all might see the beauty
hidden deep within the soul
and awaken to their own longing
to be rescued from
the chains of fear and dread.
Oh God, I call out to you
to free every heart from bondage,
to melt the icy fear that imprisons
hearts that long to live.
Enter the valley of death
and save the victims of the holocaust
of our errant minds.
Send out warriors of Love
across this earth
to help all remember
we are One Family in the expanding
embrace of your Great arms of Light.
I spread my self out at the feet of Love
in the freedom of truth
and pray for every soul to be free.
I know your forgiveness and mercy
reaches into every darkened corner.
You grant me the grace to pray,
and you have answered with the unending
Love of Your Great Heart.


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Dec 07, 2007
by: Anonymous

So beautiful, may you be blessed my friend.

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