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Prayer for Urgent Financial Help

by Karen
(New Zealand)

Please pray for me to receive urgent financial help. I am drowning in debt, I never seem to get ahead. Every week I have barely enough money to pay the rent and utilities. I don't have enough money for food most weeks. I can't sleep properly for worrying about how I am going to manage. If I could pay off my debts I could make a fresh start.

Comments for Prayer for Urgent Financial Help

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Jul 22, 2008
Karen Financial Help
by: Deb

Dear Karen....make a fresh start this day...TODAY, believe all is in perfect and divine order...ask, and you shall receive and BELIEVE...I speak these words not to throw them at you, but to tell you that I am you and each morning that I love myself and tell my mind thank you for thinking of me, but please get in the back seat and let my HIGHER self that knows the way to drive the car...follow your heart...fill it with love and find something, anything to say thank you in gratitude for...practice, practice, practice and pretty soon you start FEELING good and your life starts to turn in direction and your mind starts to believe your HEART....I love you and pray for ease and grace as you let go of your fear and worry....I know mine have been with me a long time (55 years...:-)...today, may YOU be BLESSED and KNOW that you are loved beyond measure...YOU ARE...be the gift that you are this day...and so it is.

Oct 29, 2009
prayer for immediate financial help for me my name Raju P.V.
by: Anonymous

I, Raju P.V. comments towards your words that , I am in a debt of Rs. four lacs due to my health problem two years bed ridden, i could not earn single peny for these period, I have three daughters,wife Mrs.saramma Raju house wife
I am an orthodox christian family, almighty god leads me till this date, but I don't have any peace and sleepless night evry day beacuse my debts are still there may I ask kindly pay off my debt, pray for you also not alone for me
We can remember in prayer together dear KAREEN

Oct 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

please pray for me for a financial blessing asap

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