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Prayer for Shobana

prayer request: confidental. father god i lift my petition before thee. father i know there is power and victory in prayer. father all things are possible with thee. dear prayer team, i would appreciate strong intercessory prayers in my favour. holy mother mary, sacred jesus, st anthony, and st joseph i ask thee to work a miracle in my situation. father i am going through on-going problems in my relationship with my partner dilip. father god i ask thee to break all curses, hindrances, bondages and obstacles from our lives and path. father i ask thee to release dilip of anger, stubborness, pride, selfishness. father god i ask thee to breal every wall that stands in our way and our communication. father i pray that you intervene, you bring us closer and together as we are apart and we are not on speaking terms. father i pray that you deliver and transform dilip. father that you mely that stubborness, pride and selfishness. holy spirit you minister to his heart and mind. father you bring him to his right state of mind. father i pray that you work in him. father anoint his eyes and heart that it will constant for shobana despite the storms they facing. father i pray that our love for each other will grow stronger despite our storms of life. father engrave love and forgiveness in dilips heart for shobana. holy spirit anoint and seal our hearts with strong feelings and unconditional love for each other. father cover us with thy blood, peace, grace, joy and blessing. father i ask thee to work a miracle in our situation. holy spirit you soften dilip. father i pray that you will minister and make dilip realize that he has neglected shobana for his friends, family and his ex. father i pray you convict him. father god you touch his mind and remind him of shobana. father i pray that dilip will make prominence in his heart for shobana. father if there is unworthy friends and other people in his life remove them. father remove all his bad habits and ways in jesus name. father i pray that you make dilip to realize shobana's worth in his life. father god as a loyal partner and helper, it hurts to be separated and alone. father i pray that in jesus name dilip will make contact with shobana. father heavenly father that you will restore, heal, mend, reconcile dilip and shobana. father help us to communicate well and understand each other. father i pray for a stronger and healthier relationship. father let my prayer touch dilip and our broken relationship. father let us be a testimony to thy kingdom. father i pray that you remove dilip's ex from our way, she has caused a lot of problems in our relationship, we cannot have peace. father i leave this at thy feet. thank you jesus amen. dilip and shobana. confidental

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