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Prayer For Restoration Of Engagement and Relationship

by TB
(New Jersey)

Please pray for me; I was engaged recently up until June 23, 2008. I met my fiance, Frank in July 07 and we were engaged 3 months later. My fiance and I had an instant chemistry and attraction; I felt that I finally had found my soulmate because we understood each other deeply. We are close in age; I am 38 and he is 45. We were inseparable even when we were at work; we would call each other at least 4-5 times a day and e-mail each other; we would never leave each other or go to bed without saying that we loved each other. My Fiance found out back on May 13th of this year that I was in contact with an ex for over 5 months that I was trying to help through his problems including contemplating suicide. My fiance said that I betrayed him by being in contact with the ex and hiding it from him and he feels that I ruined our future which included marriage and our dreams of starting a family. When he found out about it in May, we had a long conversation about what I did. I stood up and took responsibility for my actions and apologized and told him that I will never be in contact with th ex again and I have not since May. Over the next 5 and a half weeks or so, we seemed to be fine; we visited family and friends, went out to dinner, etc. But on June 23rd, he came to me and said he could not stop thinking about what I did to him and he wanted his space and the engagement ring back. Well, that was 7 weeks ago and I have not heard from him since. For five weeks, I left him alone. But, on 7/27 which would have been our 1 year anniversary, I sent him an e-card, telling him that I was praying for his emotional/mental wounds to heal that I had caused by my deception and I hoped he was ok. Then last week, I left him a voicemail to let him know I was there for him and very much in love with him and was very apologetic again for my deception and told him that I hope he was fine. I am praying for his wounds to heal and for God to bring us back in each other's life; to reunite us and our love for one another. I am praying that God reveals to him how really sorry I am for what I did and I do love him and I want both of us to work through this together, including going to counseling so we can achieve our dreams of marriage and a family. I pray to God that he brings us back together because we had so much in common, we could read each other's thoughts and we had a very strong love for one another; I know this is my soulmate and I love and miss him so much; actually since the separation from him, my love gets stronger for him each day. I think about my deception every day and pray to God each morning and night and vowed to myself and God that I will never be deceptive in my relationship again. I know that with God all things are possible and miracles happen. Please place my fiance and I in your prayers; thank you in advance and God Bless.

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Aug 13, 2008
Prayers for healing
by: Deb

My Dear TB...my heart and love unites with yours in your prayers for healing...this month of August when God reigns (rains) down his love and compassion in anchoring in abundance and peace may your lives be touched and your love restored with the knowingness within that your love is pure....KNOW that whatever happens is for your highest good...be of good cheer as much as possible..FORGIVE yourself and LET GO....live in the moment and trust, trust, trust all is in perfect and divine order for you both...and try as much as you are able to let go of your attachment to the outcome (I know this one very well myself)....I prayer from my heart to yours for your highest good...with ease and grace and blessings upon you this day...may all be well very soon and your heart restored. I send you love and light.

Jan 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Prayer to shine a bright light on the realtionship for restoration between Tracy and Ken Thank you

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