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Prayer for peace and harmony in my workplace

by Laura
(North Wales uk)

Dear Lord I ask you to help me and these dear people who read these messages to send me healing.
In my working life I never seem to find peace I am a peaceful soul but have been bullied more than once just when I think Im ok again someone else is place at the house where I work who At present there i person who is quite devious and manipulative a bit of a subtle bully who o likes to cause trouble I pray for this soul to stop doing the things she is doing and find peace Please pray for me also as I want to remain in the house but be happy I cannot afford to pack my job in as there is no work about I need my job you may ask why dont I report her but it isnt that simple and I would prefer a more peaceful and loving outcome

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Jan 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Lord i ask for your prayer in this office. I am very unwell and getting bullied by my boss because i am all of a sudden unfit because i'm epileptic and in and out of hospital. I pray that you open my bosses heart and show her that I'm not faking the illness after the stroke i almost suffered a few weeks ago. Can you please bring back gracious LORD the good relationship that has always existed and i request for your healing. I need this job LORD and cannot survive without it. I also pray for a miracle HEAVENLY FATHER, to go home and see my parents who are both seriously ill, am in a foreign country here and this is also affecting me.

Feb 26, 2012
Healthy school
by: teacher

Lord, Please help myself and all other teachers in similar circumstances. We are being pushed out of our jobs because our salary is deemed to high. Nepotism is becoming more and more common place. People are at each others throats. Please bring peace and healing to the education community. Please help the public see that teachers are of value, not money-hungry people who hide behind unions. I am getting more and more discouraged with people.

Apr 03, 2012
by: Jennifer Reyes

Dear Lord,i work at A Hotel in Guam I just started 4 days ago. kindly ask your prayers to please guide me in every minute and hour in my new job place that im guided all the way where i have know problem like my past jobs where i didn't have any guidance with my bosses an employees i had alot of issues with them to do the job in the system and where they didn't train the wright way. please i ask you for your prayers to guide me to do the wright job and watch over me.


Apr 16, 2012
by: lorraine

same as me,but I did report it by writing it down and handing a copy to the manager and a copy to the company stating bullying and things got better the bully was pulled up about it and now things have improved I felt my inner self say go for it plus reading louise L Hay you can heal your life was a big life changing thing for me.
hope this helps,be strong and god bless

May 30, 2012
Work Environment
by: Anonymous

Lord,You have given us all authority over the enemy and at the sound of Your name demons flee.Lord I take authority over every menacing spirit that is not of You in these children's work environments and my own and send them where the Lord Jesus sends them in Jesus name.I declare by faith that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and that we have been purchased and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.Although we may be working in the world,we are not of this world and I ask for both Your favor and protection as we carry out Your work even if we are at workplaces in the world.I stand against every gossiping tongue and every lie of the enemy that comes against Your children in the work environment in Jesus name.Let those that plot evil against Your children who set a snare for them,fall into it themselves.Lord I pray that Your children will be blameless in Your sight and that any opposition will be nothing more than Your confirmation of a heavenly promotion.You have not created us with a spirit of fear,but of power,love and a sound mind.I thank You Lord that You always hear our prayers and that You are Faithful above and beyond our hearts desire.Let all those that love You,bless the name of the Lord.

I ask this is Jesus Mighty name...amen.

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