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Prayer for our Strength and Wisdom

by Carey Childers
(Austin, AR USA)

Today I pray for our strength and wisdom to be at an all time high. We (my husband and I) are starting Bible College tonight and we are so excited about it. We are so eager to learn and we feel like God is calling us to make this step. We also request prayer for our family members that are ill at this time that they be healed and shown the blessings and love that we have seen. Thank you to everyone for assisting us in our prayers. May God Bless everyone. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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Mar 21, 2009
by: Rukeribuga Fidele

Supremely devoted to God, Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit that testifies of Christ.

Brethren allow me introduce myself my name is Rukeribuga Fidele I was born eat Africa, Our country called Rwanda I am a boy who have only one parent mother, With two brothers and uncles two sisters, and I explain to you about our situations, and lives in Rwanda in our family We are poor, and I am born again in 2004. The reason to writer you this letter, I would like to request assistance from you, as friends and brethren in Christ may I request you assistance as relief, that we are real need... I am telling you real here at home even to get food and paying accommodation school fees all is hardly to us; I did not completed schools because some the problems I mentioned above of poor, I have been get it your e mail trough Google searching, then I decided to request you assistance as dear friend in Jesus Christ our savior. Not only physically help and prayers that God making us strong in these times of challenges we are faced in and I need prayer that God give me wisdom to follow Him . I beg you that by God’s grace that shows you that way you can help God open the door He will be bless you to assist us. The assistance we need especially we want school fees, paying accommodation, and items concern. May I request you assistance even little help after there we can get become the same others, Our city called Kigali, country Rwanda, postal code Of our country 250, my Email address fi.dele@yahoo.ca Tell 250 051223565, so dear beloved in Christ I Beg you by the mercy of God to help us as you’re able and I welcome you fell free to ask me any further information about us, I will be here to hearing your response. Here there is information about us helping the poor

yours in Jesus Rukeribuga Fidele

Feb 11, 2009
Prayers for Strength & Wisdom
by: Deb

May strength and wisdom be manifested for each of you and all of US on this planet....we have come so far....may your families be blessed with health and your journey bless you immensely and your path made clear...with ease and grace....Amen.

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