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Prayer for New Life

Praise the Lord Jesus.Please pray that the Almighty God may totally
destroy and render ineffective and powerless the spirits of death
into my life and that of Mr.Dsouza,in our friendship ,relationship
with each other ,my total healing and deliverance,my ministry,my world
wide testimony,my visit to Lourdes together with my mother with
sponsored free of cost,Mr.Dsouza s visitation to visit me and my
family and every other blessings in thoughts,words and deeds of all
who are closely connected to our lives in various ways.Please pray
Gods divine life may flow into each and every blessing that the
God so desires to give me from the begining of time.Please pray that
just as the Almighty God resurrected the bones in the book of
Ezekiel,the valley of dry bones,the Almighty God may breathe new life
into all
those things where death has been promoted by all those who are
constantly limiting the power of the Almighty God in our lives.Please
pray that
just as the Almighty God raised Lazarus from the grave,he may raise my
friendship ,relationship with Mr.Dsouza for his glory in the presence
of all those who are constantly promoting negative words and curses
our lives and are trying to block the blessings of the Almighty God.

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