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Prayer for my Son's Court Case

I would like to request prayer for my 15-year-old son Jordan’s court case Thursday, February 28. He has been through quite an ordeal since April regarding a threat charge based on false and highly exaggerated reports. There are too many details to explain, but a “black humor” conversation about school shootings was misinterpreted. All who know the true story (including professionals involved in the case who have no reason to be biased) think it is ridiculous and are very positive toward Jordan. Please pray for Judge Charles Lincoln who will be deciding guilt or innocence Thursday. The trial was February 8, but the judge said he was not ready to rule. Unfortunately he does not have all the information that is favorable toward Jordan. The lawyer did not get important information across, including the fact that the principal told me a student admitted to lying about my son. Pray for the police officers (Blaine Tate and Scott Sexton) and prosecutors (Heather Howard and Dennis Godfrey) who are apparently being fueled by inaccurate community gossip. Please pray Jordan is found not guilty. I would not be asking for this if he did not deserve a not guilty. He is very sensitive and compassionate and truly does not deserve the treatment he has received, including 5 days in jail and over 2 months on house arrest – all without ever being allowed to say anything in his own defense. Pray also for our legal system, which is totally a mess, and for all those who are unfairly caught up in it.

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