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Prayer for my Mother Maria's Health

by Nancy Ortiz

I need urgent prayers for my mother's health. May the Lord touch her mentally, emotionally and physically. May the Lord grant her heart desires of owning her house soon. May the Lord give her many years of life to compensate for all of the years of misery and pain. My father is always kicking my mother out. I want the Lord to touch his heart to give my mother the portion of the house they both own so she can move out and start a new life else where. I also need prayer for God to help me this Saturday to pass my real estate examination to obtain my license and so that I can support my little family and mother out of poverty. I ask God that I'll be able to retain all these month of studying and God to give me wisdom and knowledge to pass this test. Last year I took the test and failed it and I am kind of nervous of taking this test again this Saturday. I hope the Lord will make this happen for me for his glory in Christ name amen!!!!

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