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Prayer for Lost Son

by Barbara

hi, my name is barbara and i request prayers for my son andrew who is 18, he quit school this year, with plans to get his GEd. however he really has no desire to do this or anything to improve himself. he has a lot of negative energy, since he was very small, i tried to encourage him, but he sees everything as too difficult.he is very bright and could have a good future, if he would direct himself, following the leading of the holy spirit. but i fear his ears are closed to truth. i worry that he will stay lost. he doesn't get into trouble, smoke, or drink. he just plays on the pc all day and night. he has cut his wrist twice over a girl. not enough to do serious harm to himself, but i realize he is crying out for help. he does not talk about things that are bothering him. he is very sad, confused and lonely. i pray that he will hear the truth and follow in its way. i pray for his peace and joy, and especially for him to discover faith and trust in god. he needs many prayers to help him out of darkness. bless you barb

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