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Prayer for him to take the next step

by Kimberly
(orange park, fl)

I prayed for something to hold on to today if Phillip was meant to be a part of my life. If we needed to start slow again and just have some initial communication, then God would give me something to hold on to today. I wrote an email and friend requested him on myspace. He added me. He did not reply to my email. I did pray heavily for SOMETHING to hold on to. I asked that if he was not coming back in my life and if we couldn't start out at the beginning and get some friendship and communication back, then God would show me who I was supposed to be with tonight. Phillip didn't totally deny my request, but now I need further help and prayer.

Now I continue to pray and ask for agreement that Phillip will have the courage and want and softening in his head and his heart to contact me further. I opened the door for him to call me and I pray that he will call and make that move now.

I pray that God is beginning to show me some progress and I pray that this will steadily continue with some progress on his part so that I know he his wanting to be involved in my life again.

I will still pray that if God means for me to be with someone else, that he will show me who without delay.

Please let the waiting game stop. Please use my words and actions today as a positive step that Phillip will begin taking with me.

I pray that the phone call from him will be ringing through on my phone any moment.


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