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Prayer for Faith

by Naomi

Oh Lord, grant us faith during this time of transition, during the winter solstice, and this time of increasing light to the world. Help us remember that the light is emerging within us, cleansing and purifying and transforming all that needs to be transformed, that the Spirit prays without ceasing, even when we can no longer speak or utter the words.

We call for your help, your presence, your compassionate love that comes to us in a way that each heart knows as the Beloved we seek.

Touch our doubt, our despair, our pain, our fear that we might be discover the gift of your peace. Help us to trust this journey into your loving arms.

We struggle to be in control, to be the ones who know, and surrender feels so difficult and unknown to our minds. Help our hearts to lead the way. Give us the faith to trust what we cannot see, cannot even understand or grasp, and to know your Divine Love and Divine Light is guiding us.
Grant the blessing and gift of faith to every heart that prays. Give us all the blessed assurance of your divine grace, now and always.

I ask in the name of your unending love,

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