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Prayer for Divine Intention

by Naomi

I offer my prayers for divine intention for my life and for all who pray here, as we join our voices together as a community who prays for vision that seeks our well being in the light of revelation.

Sometimes, I find that what I want the most, isn't always the best for my growth or for another that may be involved in my longing to have something the way I want it....no matter how intense my desire is for it.
When I feel hurt, angry, or resentful, feeling like I have been passed over or rejected by someone, or by the world, or by my own thoughts, I pray for the Holy Spirit to pray through me, to allow God's Divine Intention for me to be made known in my heart.

There are times I am so confused, I don't know what God's will might be for me, and so I surrender to Divine Will to guide me through the Holy Spirit. It lifts me beyond my own knowing, and I begin to feel the higher energy and the light that comes from a higher love than I can envision myself.
There is a way that Love becomes my companion and guide, and I no longer feel alone. I feel my own Soul awaken and become a Presence that I had not felt before.

Pray with me for divine intention for all who offer prayer requests here, as we join our voices together as a community who seeks vision and guidance for our well being in the light of Love.


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