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Prayer for Andrea

by Andrea Antichi
(Sarzana, ITALY)

Hello, I'm a 26 guy from italy. Two years ago my previous love relationship ended, not for my will: I put much hope in that relationship and it was very important for me. Since then I've never been the same again. My previously brilliant university studies stagnate, I cut myself off from my friends, I became lonely, I lack a central focus in my life and as a result of all this I feel guilty and ashamed for having let all this time passing without taking concrete action to improve my condition. Now, after 2 years, I've almost overcome the pain for that break up, but the consequences of the dark depression period still linger and weaken my self confidence. I'm trying to do a spiritual work on myself so please send me healing energies so that my mind become clear and I can find the energy and will to get back in track, to set things in motion, to find love again and be confident and joyous in my life. Thanks a lot for helping me with your prayers, Andrea

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