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Prayer For All With Health Issues

by Gloria Newsome
(Lorain Ohio USA)



Please to all my sisters and brothers know that your life and health issues are of great concern to me so this prayer is for us all.

Always remember and hold this in your heart....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We as your Life Long Bonded Sisters & Brothers are here for you to help see you through any and every situation, so lean us and The Father to get you through all your trials and tribulations. Faith can move mountains if you just believe!

Almighty Father, Author of life and health, have mercy on all who are having health issues, that You would be glorified in our life. We are helpless without you. We know that our souls and physical life are in Your hands. You sent your beloved Son Jesus to die on the cross for us all to make us whole, cleansing us of our sins so that we would inherit eternal life in heaven. Take full possession of our hearts and lives.

Be with us all every moment of each day, protecting us and preserving us. Grant us peace of mind that comes from the worries of better health and give us the joy of knowing You. Open our eyes to see the truth of your unfailing love, open our ears to hear You calling our name. Open our mouths with words of repentance and trust, breathe life into our bodies that we would bring glory and honor to Your name.

Bless the efforts of all our doctors to restore our health. Stay close beside us always. Please give us all the strength we need and grant us steady improvement. Make our recovery swift and complete. Ease our pain and let Your divine forgiveness speak peace to our souls through you Our Father. Father, give our families patience to await Your deliverance. Enable our family and friends to entrust our lives completely to you, giving them all hope, patience, courage and confidence. Grant them confidence that You do all things well.

Through this experience, draw us all closer to You. Forgive those of fears and impatience. Grant us the courage to look into the future unafraid, knowing that You are with us and that we should have no cause to fear. Help us overcome discouragement, remove all self-pity, take away all resentment and help us to live trusting you one moment at a time as we all lean on you.

Father, I thank you for the privilege and gift of living in a world filled with beauty and excitement and variety.
I thank you for the gift of loving and being loved, for the friendliness and understanding and beauty of the others.
I thank you for the delights of music and our children, of other people's thoughts and conversation and their support and understanding.

Bless us with discomfort at easy answers, half truths, superficial relationships, so that we will live deep within our hearts.
Bless us with anger at injustice, oppression and exploitation of people so that we will work for justice, equality and peace.
Bless us with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation and war, so that we will reach out your hand to comfort them and change their pain into joy.
And Father bless us with the foolishness to think that we can make a difference in the world, so that we will do the things which others tell you cannot be done.
May Your Peace, which is greater than all human understanding, fill their hearts and minds, through The Father. Amen.

Please just don't read this but please send your love to all who are in pain.

Please don't send me your gratitude, for those in pain are the one who needs you now more than you know, including myself!

I don't look for praise for this because all that I say and do comes from my heart, so please reach out to her and anyone else who is in need of your love, prayers and generosity.

From my heart I Love You All! Please Give Of Yourself To Those Who Need You!

Hugs To You All

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