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Prayer for a Fair Divorce Settlement

by Gwain Lestrange
(South Africa)

My wife walked out on my son and I a year ago. The divorce has not gone through yet as there is a discrepancy regarding the assets. I bought my home before we got married and we decided that what was mine (only my home) before the marriage would remain mine and what we obtained together after the marriage we would share. For 17 years we both believed that the house was mine and we both signed an exclusion list called an accrual. Before she left, she went through all my documents and took them to her lawyer (who is the same firm who drew up our marriage contracts) They have found that their lawyer never excluded my house in the exclusion list which may cost me my house. My wife knows very well that the house is mine and I feel that there is trickery, theft and greed on her part... I want my house excluded and we can share all assets bought after the marriage... I just want the outcome to be fair.

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