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Prayer for a Clear Channel to the Voice of My Soul

by Deb
(In Bakersfield in the now moment)

Circumstances leading to the full moon and Summer Solstice have generated a move from my physical place of residence and a very real uncertainty as to where and how that will come about. I set my internal intention for peace, faith and remaining in love as each new circumstance/event leads me adrift. Please pray for a shout or a whisper of knowingness from my higher self as to where, how, what, when? Open doors...ease and grace..with gratitude from my heart. Thank you.

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Jun 18, 2008
In Love and Light
by: Betty

In gratitude for your being.
May you enjoy the clearness you are praying for, and, making each step, create a path to the place you seek. May you enjoy the "diamonds on the soles of your shoes"!
In peace and serenity,

Jun 18, 2008
Thank YOU, Betty!
by: Deb

I just loved the, "diamonds on the soles of your shoes"....thank you so...printed out for tonight...light the candle...go inside and BREATHE.

Much love and gratitude,

Jun 19, 2008
Blessings, Betty
by: Deb

Just wanted you to know that I changed the wording from you to I from your message to me and your words WERE my prayer last night and for this time until the Summer Solstice...it felt so good and right...again, much gratitude for your encouragement and kindness to me.

Jun 19, 2008
Your Not Alone
by: Justin


Desti and I will pray for you, and all those in uncertainty. You are not alone sister! I pray right now that the holy spirit uplift us all, and bring us to a place to higher guidance and grace, and lifts us beyond the darkness that tries to place a hold. I also give gratitude to the holy spirit for providing a wonderul support system for Christs children in this forum, and the messengers who brought it forward. I pray that all of us may have peace, guidance, understanding, and that Christ Jesus and his angels help us all break through the veil of illusion, seperation. And finally, I pray, that no matter what the difficulty, that Christ, give us the endurance to endure any test that comes our way on the road of purification. No matter what it looks like, what form it takes. I also pray that lord Jesus and the ascended host further bless this website and help visitors to the full potential possible. Amen.

Jun 19, 2008
by: Mashubi

Dearest Deb, my prayers are thoughts are with you. The feelings and fears that arise as you enter the unknown are a part of the healing and transformation process. The emotions as they pass through your consciousness are leaving your body, mind and spirit, with the purpose of freeing you from all past limitations. I wish you peace and comfort and light in your journey. With much love to you.

Jun 20, 2008
Justin's Message
by: Deb

....and so it is!

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