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Pray Peace Project

by Ken Graydon
(Perth. Australia)

Let me begin at the beginning. I co-ordinate an international group of rain makers, who are quite successful. Out of discussions between group members an idea crystallized that, as we are able to communicate with clouds really! for particular results, we should be able to communicate with the matrices, or spirit of oppression that rests, particularly, over areas of poverty, crime and abuse.

We have been making regular intentions that the 'right' people to participate in this project would be drawn to it. Overnight the rain maker group went from 22 to 69 members and growing Each participant is asked to be open to inspiration to know which specific area is calling them. The project commences on December 10, 2007 and we ask people to make non-confrontational intentions for peace, firstly for 'their' specific area and, secondly, for the areas being prayed for by every other participant. This mutual support builds up the community. There will be unfolding revelations as the project gathers momentum. If you feel a calling to this project visit the website www.swm.com.au and see the articles.

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