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Comments for Pray for me please.. I suffer from depression

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Nov 05, 2008
by: Deb

Dear friend..during this time there is much hope on the planet with all the love and light pouring forth from the heavenly realms...I claim that hope for you, a letting go of the old...may depression, suffering and despair be removed from your life...may the Angels of the unseen realm and Earthly Angels come forth and surround you until you KNOW within every fiber of your being that you are loved beyond measure...I pray that some thought comes to your mind about one thing you are grateful for in your life...may you be lifted...I send love and light your way from my heart...may you be blessed.

Nov 14, 2008
be encouraged
by: Anonymous

May you learn to embrace God's love for you, and an awareness of His presence all around you and in you.

Nov 19, 2008
have faith
by: cristy

hello my friend :)...im here willing to help you...yeahh i know how you feels right now...just remember someone out there is watching over you and willing to lift you up...just call on HIM and talk to him with a pure sincere heart....i know HE surely listens...just letting you know im embrassing you will all my heart...tightest hug for you realize that you dont need to do such things....someone would cry and im one of them
:( so cheer up!!!! :) :) :)

Dec 31, 2008
Be gracious for glorious change
by: Jeanne Rose

I want to say a special blessing because I suffer too. Let go of the negative people in your life bringing you down whether it be your doctors, family or negative "so called friends". Just as God to open the doors and let these people go. It may take time for the change to happen but pray every day.

Jan 26, 2009
I pray for you
by: Anonymous

I pray for you, as I myself suffer from depression, it is the worst feeling in the world and I to get anxious and sometimes I just jump into my car, I see the other people being at peace in their homes with their families and myself I have to get out, I pray to god that things get better for you and for me god bless you alot, He's been a little bussy probably with so many people needing him, but he will help us you will see, a word of advice when you feel depressed don't be alone always be with people that love you, even if your just a spectator do not be alone hang around your family. God bless you!!!

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