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Praise & Thanksgiving

by Julie
(Maina, Guam U.S.)

Loving God, Almighty and Creator of All, all praise and thanksgiving for your divine love and providence over me and my family, friends, and all whom I have offered prayers for. Thank you for all that we have and all that we are able to share.

Keep us always in Your light and love and remain at the center of our being, of our very existence.

Thank Your for communities such as World Blessings as they unselfishly share rich knowledge and messages that we may walk in Your divine path and help our brothers and sisters along the way.

I have specific needs but You know what is best for me. I have learned to accept where You have me at this moment and patiently walk along the path that You lead me on for greater love, joy, peace and abundance - Your will be done. I trust that as long as I walk in Your light and live in Your love, everything is possible with You and it is only a matter of waiting for Your time for all things to happen.

Bless Julie, Mashubi, and all World Blessing Community members as we join hands along the path to creating a new earth filled with love, peace, joy and abundance.

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Apr 21, 2010
Your Blessings Lord
by: Julie

Praise be to Father God for He is loving, merciful and kind. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ who gives us everlasting life, and Praise be to God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us and dwells within us that we may always be in one with the Father.

I pray for all your people, especially those who post request for prayers, healing, guidance in the World Blessing Community. We are all your children and I know you keep us under your watchful and loving care. Help us to realize that You want all that is good for us, and that You never abandon us at times when we feel that You are not "there". Rather, it is because we distance ourselves from you when we ask for blessings and don't get it when we want or in the manner that we want it to be. But we must all realize that because we are your children, and are one with you, we have the power within ourselves to manifest good, happiness, love, joy, peace, abundance, for ourselves and for others as well. I believe this to be true because you say it is true, as you dwell within us through your spirit ~~ and we repeat, I AM THAT I AM ~~ claiming oneness with You. Help us to remember, that what we manifest is a result of our thoughts, actions, deeds, our words.

And always, help us to remember to praise you and thank you for who we are, what we are, what we have, what we hope for, what we dream of, and what we will become because of your love.

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