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Please Pray for my Unborn Baby

Father, Lord I thank u for your goodness and mercy, lord Jesus I pray for the forgiveness of my sin, that father Lord please hear the cry of a lonely woman.

Lord I am pregnant and my husband have to me he doesn't want to have kids. Lord I pray and ask that u should let this my unborn baby stay, My husband should not refuse this baby. Father Lord this baby is a gift from you, and I ask U keep it life for me till the 9 month of delivery, my husband will never ask me for abort this one, this baby will not bring divorce or hatred to this family, but peace love and joy.

Lord I am daughter I have come to you for protecting my marriage and my unborn baby. I over come any thought of abortion in my husband mind and place rejoicing and I will give to you the sweetest thanks giving.

Thank you Lord for prayers Answers. Amen

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