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Please Pray for My Twin Preemies

by Melodi
(Jackson, NJ USA)

Baby Marc

Baby Marc

Please pray for my preemie twins Marc and Peyton. Marc and Peyton are doing ok for being born 13 weeks early. They are now 5 weeks old. Marc weighs 3.7lbs and Peyton, our princess is 2 lbs 11oz. They are both on full feeds and off IV lines. Please pray for Marc's brain to heal (he had a level 4 brain hemmhorrage) and for his heart valve to close..if it doesn't he will need surgery next week. Please pray that both babies lungs will mature and they will continue to thrive. They are the greatest blessings of my life and a true testament to the Lord's power. Please pray for my twins and all the babies in the NICU. The link below is a photo montage of my miracle babies!
God bless


Miracle Babies

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