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Please Pray for my Relationship - He's unsure

by Lauren Hicks
(Princeton, WV, United States)

I am Lauren Hicks and I love my fiance' Jesse but lately he has become unsure of our relationship..I think it's me but he just says he doesn't know why he is unsure...It kills me...and I need help, I need him to feel the way he used to about me...I think he is starting to not have feelings for me...I need our relationship to get stronger, I don't want to lose him. So please pray for our Relationship and that our love will grow stronger again..

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Dec 06, 2011
im praying my mate fritz NEW
by: Anonymous

I know fritz and I been through a lot I'm hoping god open up fritz eyes what is real what is not he may understand my deepest fears I hope god give him peace of mind he be able see who trully love him for him keep all evildoers from around our lives our home as we go on journey far and near god bless fritz and I I love him I know he loves me make all our enemies our footstool hope this young lady precious will move on stop calling fritz we have enough on our plate I hope his baby mama stop threatening him about child support because fritz take care of son best way possible he is a good man have lost trust in a lot if ways I'm hoping god give him knowledge see that I'm here for him in everyway I haven't let him as him girlfriend friend lady his better half I'm hoping he get it together stop drinking so much stop using drugs stop acting as life is game learn that he got good woman stands behind him I hope this Xmas he will make me happiest woman I pray we don't argue no more harassing phone calls from no one unless its family I pray we both get back into church I hope we will get married I hope if its god will I would like have one beautiful child of my own its my own daily wish I pray fritz come out hid court case with few distractions I want in my life we are good for each other I know he loves me I love him god give us strength to endure whatever comes our way god u been good to us we came along ways thank you for my job thank you for giving me health strength to be able come work make a honest living glory god I'm looking to better myself I hope fritz will get another job and I'm hoping he get better with our relationship do more for me and him I hope he stays faithful to me I'm faithful to him I love him bless u lord watch over us continue wrap us in ur blood protect us from all that is evil

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