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Please Pray for My Marriage


I am having a hard time finding forgiveness for my husband. Five years ago, he quit his job without telling me while I was 6 months pregnant with our first child. Since then, he's never found a stable and permanent job. He did find a 9 month contract job but for 4 years in our marriage, I have been the bread winner. We now have two kids and I am growing weary and tired. The financial hardship, physical stress, burden have taken strain on our marriage. Please pray for me that I will find forgiveness in my heart. Every time we argue, I find myself reliving the past (the time when he quit his job), which tells me that I have not moved on from that event, blaming him for what we are going through now.

I don't know what else to do. Your prayers would mean so much to me. We have talked about trial separation but I am unsure if that is the right thing to do. I realized that this is not just about money anymore but emotional and psychological issues have developed over time.

If you could please say a prayer for him too, that would be greatly appreciated. He has two promising job prospects and I hope one of it will go through. I know there is a reason why God, over these years, have closed all the opportunities for him. It's hard to understand. I pray everyday that the Lord will forgive with my unbelief. It is hard to stay believing and praying when you don't see results. Please pray for my family!


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