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Please Pray for my Marriage to Restore

God Please help me as I know she was hurt in the past, I know I hurt her and damaged the trust between us. If i have intentionally or unintentionally sinned please forgive me and help me not to repeat such mistakes again. you know what i am .please show her the truth, that you have changed me. lord Please heal and restore our marriage.
Dear all, Please pray for me and my wife.
she has been gone since april to her parents house due to some misunderstanding that i dont love her & dont care for her and still doesn't want to come home , i ask you to pray with me to help her change her mind. GOD says what ever he puts together let no man take a part. So i ask you to pray with me to help my wife to remember this , she is my world and i miss her
I love my wife and want to give the best of life and all the happiness which she deserves. please help me in my prayers to get her back home. i promise and will try my best to keep her happy always
thank you one and all

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Aug 28, 2008
save my marriage
by: gene bailey

i hope god will answer your prayers

Aug 09, 2009
please pray for us to
by: darrell

i to have lost the love of my life.she told me after 15 years of marriage she is no longer in love with me.she moved out in june and i have been so lonely ever since.we have two children aged 4 and 3 i would do anything to have my family back together.i have been praying nightly she sees the good in me.

Dec 30, 2010
Wife Want A Divorce
by: Wayne Meddings

I need prayer for my marriage my wife has filed for a divorce and i do not want it so please pray for us he is our only chance so will you please pray for me and my family

Apr 26, 2011
Restore My Marriage
by: Bill Reed

Pray that God will restore my marriage and soften my wife's heart to me. Pray that my wife will return to God and let Jesus back into her heart for the sake of our marriage, family and her salvation. For if she loves God she will do is will and her heart will be changed and she will want our marriage and a stable family for our young children.

May 30, 2011
Please pray for me as well
by: Michel

Please pray for my relationship as well, I love her so much and I about do anything for her, I was wrong and I admit to my mistakes and it will never happen again, I pray to my father in heaven to please answer my prayers

Jun 28, 2011
Please pray for my marriage
by: Peter Christy

If anyone is out there, please pray for my marriage.

My wife (Laurette) says that she has been unhappy in our marriage for 18 years.

I have taken her for granted. Her heart is closed to me and she wants a divorce.

Please pray to restore in her heart what has been taken away.

We have 2 sons - 14 & 11.

Thank you in advance,

Peter Christy

Jun 29, 2011
Hoping for a miracle.
by: Anonymous

I am praying for the first time in since I was a child. I have always been a skeptic but in times of pain am looking for answers and faith my family can stay together. I love my wife and do not want her to leave. Please pray for a miracle. I need her and our children need us to be in love.

Jul 08, 2011
by: Airwolf09

I pray to the Lord that my family comes back. I love them. I will do everything in my power to love them. I ask Christ to put us in the track of love and undesrtanding. Only through God all blessings can be accomplish. Amen

Jul 17, 2011
help me god please
by: Anonymous

Please god, my husband left me in june 2011. Saying he dont love me anymore.We have only been married a year in a half, but been together since 1999. I love him god. I mean i really love him. He's the best thing to ever happen to me and my kids.It hurts so much. I'm losing weight ,my hair,my sleep since he left. I did'nt do anything to deserve this.I'm always crying.I want my baby back . Please help me god.I have been praying constantly. hoping he would come back home. I miss him so much . He was always good to me and the kids.He's my husband my best friend ,my comforter, the best stepfather in me and my kids eyes.They miss him as well.I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK. I'M SORRY FOR WHAT EVER I DID TO CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS WITH US. I THOUGHT I WAS A GOOD WIFE. Please end my depression god .Send him home to us.MY hope of you sending him to me soon is the only thing keeping me alive. Because god you and suicide are all i have left.please god please end my depression by sending him home. because the only other option is suicide to end the suffering. I have seizures as well .My kids try to comfort me but it's not helping.I keep and sleep with our marriage certificate inside the bible. please answer my prayer soon .please.I love you too god.Thanks for this website.July-17-2011

Aug 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

My husband has filed for divorce and it is to be final on October 1, 2011. We have both made mistakes in the marriage. I love him dearly and I know that he still loves me. I truly believe that God put us together for a purpose. I pray day and night that God will restore us to love Him first and then to love each other. I know that we could be a testimony to other couples who may be going through the same struggles. My faith gets weak when I don't see any progress or change. But I refuse to give up as I know God is ABLE. I am STANDING for my marriage!!!! This is the HARDEST thing I have ever dealt with. I know that if it had not been for this trial I would still be lost so I thank GOD for this trial and test.

Oct 26, 2011
Onlangs getroud
by: Anonymous

Daar is soveel nuwe dinge, nuwe uitdagings. Huis koop, huis mooi maak. Familie gelukkig hou! Ek is moeg vir my skoonfamilie wat ek altyd voor my uiterse beste gee, en dit met 'n klap in my gesig terug kry. Altyd braai's en kuiers reël en dan daag niemand van hulle op nie. Moeg daarvoor om altyd te smile en 'n gelukkige gesigie op te sit, waar ek op die ou end van die dag stukkend is binne in my. Moeg daarvoor dat my skoonma altyd net kan maak en se wat sy wil, en ek mag nie opstaan daar teen nie. Alles is op die oomblik net so groot gemors!

Werk al 5 jaar aan hulle, maar kry altyd negatiwiteit van hulle.

Word altyd verwerp uit hulle family uit! Ek het nou al genoeg seer gekry daaruit.

Hoe maak ek myself en my man gelukkig terwyl daar soveel mense is wat net altyd wil afbreek, geld hê, en spunge?

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