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Please Pray for My Friend Lu - (Leulla)

by Geri

I have asked for prayer for my friend Lu. She went through open heart by pass surgery etc. over 6 weeks ago. I thought she was going to make it since so many of us were praying for her...she is only 59.

She has not improved at all but continues to struggle to breath???? They say it is in her mind.

The doctors told her family that she would not live thru last night...her sons came up from out of town to try to convince her to Try Try Try and get better. But it did not work.

Her family is all gathered at hospital waiting for the doctors to be right.....but she is still with this world she made it overnight.

Please now pray for a miracle let her awake from the drugs they are giving her to see another year or two or to see grandchildren that she doesn't have yet.

Please I ask for a miracle because according to her doctors...that is what it will take..... she has no will to live....but she has so much to live for.

Please pray that she will see this. I feel for her sister and her 84 year old mother and her two sons waiting at her bedside at this hospital! Thank you.

I pray for a miracle in the name of Jesus!!!!!
according to the will of God.


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