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Please Pray for my Debt

pls pray for my debt , i am tired and no solution for free from debt , last month
my car loan i default i cant pay , 4 months and my car already repossed by bank
what happen to me , why god test me like this , pls pray for me .

pray for a succesful and prosperous 2009 both in spiritual and physical terms for me and my family,and to pray for success at my place of work.To commit everything i do into the hands of the Lord. lord almighty heavenly father please help me in order to fullfil my wishes and my dreams to be come true. I seek for your guidance, for a healthy environment, and needs inorder myself and my family to live. forgive me as I sin. guide my family with your mighty armor and protect them in illness. , amen. I have a large debt which i am failing to pay back.
Please pray for me so that I can repay the debt and my father now is in rectal cancer , in critical condition ,pls pray for his recovery pls pray for him to recover soon , pls help me Dear Padre Pio Please help me. I pray for forgiveness for all the wrong things I have done in my life and all the people I have hurt

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