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Please Pray for Me

by Stacy
(La Habra)


Please pray for me. I am going through a divorce. I got married this summer and my husband left eleven days later. I didn't know that he was bipolar and apparently something triggered an episode. We are going through a divorce, he does not want anything to do with me and I don't even know why. He has changed his phone number and refuses to see me or even let me know what happened. Please pray for the Lord to give me peace and healing. My family says this is God's deliverance as the eleven day marriage was violent and hurtful but I am still in shock and I need God's peace.

Please also pray that the Lord will provide for my financial needs and soften Jason's heart to at least provide financial help for the bills he helped incur. He is working full time and I am a student living off of loans. Please pray for Jason too, that the Lord will show him that he needs to follow-through with treatment.

Also please pray for my finals, I am having such a hard time concentrating.

Thank you.

Love in Jesus,

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