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please pray for me & santos (desperately asking)

This is us

This is us

Hello everyone, My boyfriend (Santos) and I have court on Feb. 9, 2009. Please pray for Santos that he will be home in less than 4 years and that he will be safe where he is. Please pray for me (Danielle) that I will not get any jail time and will be able to have visitation with Santos while he is away. My boyfriend has made some bad decisions with drugs, in the situation we are in right now, I did not do anything to deserve this. Please pray for these things for us. I will be forever grateful. I have been doing some reading on miracles and the power of prayer and I request a lot of prayer for mostly him and some for myself, so I'm hoping for a miracle. Thank you for your prayers! I'm sorry I know I have a lot to pray for, I appreciate it more than anything!

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