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Please Pray for Dee

by Dee
(Los Angeles, Ca. USA)

God, I give thanks for all blessings, miracles and answered prayers. I know that I am a challenge as Your child and I fight so diligently to be the higher self that You would want me to be and it seems I disappoint more often than not You and me and those around me. Forgive me my sins and grant me the strength and courage to turn away from psychics and other ungodly and wasteful ways. The psychics are an addiction, I admit and am aware that I am being manipulated into throwing away hard-earned money when I could help make the world a better place with it. I hate myself for the thousands I burn away but I cannot turn away from the need to know-even when it is false things I'm hearing. Help me to stay true to You and turn to You and keep faith in You as all my answers. I put myself in Your hands. Heal me from this mental and spiritual torture within. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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