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Please pray for Chaplain Rodger De Ramus

Please pray that God will open my heart and mind to learn about where He would have me serve as a community chaplain. At this moment, I am taking a chaplains course through an internet course for Community Chaplains of America. I have served in some capacity since 1988. I feel that God has been dealing with me here lately to expand my ministry to include either a street ministry or ministry to the homeless and hungry or possibly both. Man I need all the prayers I can get for this. I have prayed that God would open my mind so that I could comprehend the lessons I am taking. In High School, I was never able to comprehend anything. If it had not been for my now wife and her mother I would have never graduated high school. I have told them this many times. If there had been a class for slow learners back then(1968), I would have been in it. I am not ashamed of it, I just wished there had been help like that back then.

So my prayer is this. I would like as many of you as will pray for me, to pray that God will open up my mind so that I can learn as much as I can about this ministry HE has chosen for me. Pray that He will also open doors of opportunity for ministry so that I can help others to hear the good news; that Christ died for us all so we can live in heaven together with all of the friends and family we meet along the way.

In God's Holy and Precious Name,
Chaplain Rodger D. De Ramus

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