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Please Help me and my Wife

by George Jessee Jr.

My wife as i said before left me almost two months ago now.I would love to be able to pray to God that he could restore the love she once had for me,which she says she has no more.SO PLEASE IF THERE IS ANY WAY GOD CAN PREFORM SUCH A MIRACLE PLEASE HELP ME PRAY FOR FROM GOD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! And some one knows of a good pray to God for such a miracle please tell me.I REALLY NEED EVERY ONES PRAYS PLEASE.

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Oct 08, 2008
my wife has also left me
by: douglas

My wife also has left me because she says she does not love me. I love her deeply and all I can do is pray and come closer to god and let the all mighty handle it. Sometimes any prayer will do but go to a quiet place and talk to the lord like a river bank or park ect. This helps me. Sometimes the pain is powerful, but be strong and let god take control. You will be ok!!!! Douglas from South Dakota.

Oct 12, 2008
My wife left me
by: Robert

My wife and I had a big fight on sept 18/08 and she left me on the 22nd a day before my birthday ,(21 days ago)She has not called or contact me in any way possible .She has not returned my calls , e-mails , text messages and a hand written letter . I admit I have my share of blame for this as I was the one who asked her to leave in the first place . I miss her terribly,I realise I love her and I want her back . I stopped contacting her because it was useless and I have to keep my pride , but this is hell on earth for me. I do not know where she is and I am afraid she found someone else ,altough she respects Gods laws. I only ask her to just let me know if she is definitely NOT coming back or what have you . Her silence is killing me .I ask for your deepest prayers so that she will realise I really love her and give me one more chance . God bless you all .

Nov 13, 2009
God can heal
by: Anonymous

Please know that god can heal anything. After all, universe vs relationship should be easy. It takes two to build a relationship anyway.

Feb 10, 2010
Please pray for me and my beautiful wife
by: Mike

My Wife has recently left me. It came completely out of the blue, though i did find messages on her mobile phone a week earlier from another bloke. I am heartbroken. I have known her for thirteen years and have been married for 9 and a half years. She is my world, and having spent a third of my life with her, I am really struggling to find any other focus in life. Each day i pray that she will change her mind and become that wonderful loving person again. She is living back in our house, but in separate rooms. She doesn't want to talk and says that if I try to get back with her she'll leave again.l I am stuck in a corner, and pray that God will guide me through this difficult time in my life. i pray that she may change her mind and love me again. That's all I ask.

Sep 23, 2010
marriage rstoration
by: Anonymous

all of you that are seeking help for your marriage, there are really great ones out there. one site is called "Rejoice ministries" the other is"covenant keepers" both are xcellent for how to getting your spouse back, they have an area wher you can read hundreds of tetimoies of how god restored their marriages, this really helps you and gives you the faith and hope to to gods will so it can happen for you, may god blees you all

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